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What are the differences between an induced draft fan and a blower

I. Vibration caused by the installation quality of the fan:

1. Different cores of fan and motor shafts;

Fan rotor imbalance; 2.

3. Large axial sloshing of the blade wheel;

The grouting of anchor bolt hole is not compacted so that the anchor bolt becomes loose;

5. Excessive oil gap of bearing marbles;

6. Anchor bolts of bearing pedestal are loosened;

7. The motor anchor bolts or table plate connection bolts are loose;

The clearance between the bearing pedestal and the cushion or between the cushion and the cushion is too large;

9. The gap between the motor platform and its cushion or between the cushion and the cushion is too large, and there is no contact between the four legs of the motor and the platform;

Friction between rotor and casing;

11 impeller installation backwards;

The connection between impeller and shaft is loose;

13. The opening direction of the regulating door is wrong;

The vibration of the housing causes rotor resonance due to insufficient stiffness.

15. Insufficient foundation stiffness;

Two, the centrifugal fan in the manufacture quality causes the vibration excessive factor mainly to include:

1. Excessive bearing clearance;

2 axis bending;

3. Outlet Angle of impeller blade is wrong or deviation exceeds the standard;

4. Insufficient casing stiffness;

Rotor imbalance; 5.

The clearance between impeller and spindle is too large.