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Action and innovation

The characteristics of the company's air suspension fan are those

The aeration blower is one of the key equipments in the sewage treatment process when the activated sludge process is used. According to relevant statistics, in urban sewage treatment, the air-water ratio between blower air volume and sewage treatment volume (volume) is generally 3-10, which is generally 6.7-7 in China. In industrial wastewater treatment, due to the high concentration of wastewater, the gas-water ratio can be as high as 35. In the process of urban wastewater treatment, due to seasonal changes, daily sewage treatment (load) and dissolved oxygen concentration will also change, so need to run the blower under the condition of constant pressure automatically adjusts the required air flow and flow need adjustment range, adjust the high efficiency, to ensure the best operation and achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving. According to relevant statistics, the energy consumption cost of sewage treatment plant accounts for about 40%-80% of its operation and maintenance cost, mainly focusing on sewage upgrading, aeration for oxygen supply, sludge transport treatment, coagulation and precipitation. Among them, the energy consumption of aeration and oxygen supply blower accounts for a large part of the total energy consumption, which accounts for 50%-60% of the energy consumption of the whole sewage treatment plant. Therefore, in order to reduce the operating cost, the city sewage treatment plant has put forward strict requirements on the energy-saving performance of aeration blower. At present, most aeration blowers used in sewage treatment plants are large in volume and weight, which increases the investment in basic treatment and civil construction of blower room, increases the cost of installation engineering, and has high noise and maintenance cost. Fees. Therefore, choosing a blower with low noise, easy installation and maintenance, and low cost in the whole life cycle of sewage treatment plant is the development trend of blower in the future sewage treatment industry.

At present, roots blower and low-speed multistage centrifugal blower in aeration blower of sewage treatment mechanical and electrical equipment have been eliminated. Magnetic suspension single-stage centrifugal blower and air suspension single-stage centrifugal blower are new forms of single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower. With the use of advanced frequency control, magnetic bearing and air bearing, they can meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection for the aeration blower of sewage treatment plant. , wide range of air volume regulation, low noise, small vibration, easy installation and maintenance requirements are the future development trend of aeration blower in sewage treatment plant.