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Working principle of high pressure fan for environmental protection equipment?


Induced draft fan = exhaust fan, exhaust fan. Blower = blower. The former is to work under negative pressure absorption, that is to say, to pump out unnecessary gas, or to make a certain working environment produce a certain gas flow or to work under negative pressure. For example, the exhaust fan installed on the wall of the workshop is to change the indoor air quality and improve the working environment in a healthy way. The kitchen deexhaust lampblack machine is to discharge harmful gases and impurities out of the room. Industrial boiler in the combustion work, furnace chamber combustion state must ensure the work under the micro negative pressure, its purpose is safe, environmental protection, energy saving, in other words, combustion fully improve the utilization rate, in the operation of personnel so that the furnace hall flame will not rush out to cause injuries and accidents. The latter is work below positive pressure discharge state, if summer uses electric fan to take a cool bath and a few small boil water tea stove on market to wait a moment, it is to work below positive pressure state. Conclusions; Both the induced draft fan and the blower generate air pressure through the rotation of the fan, and the air inlet is negative pressure and the air outlet is positive pressure. In the application, the induced draft fan or blower can be realized through different installation according to the actual situation.

The blower blows the air and serves as the boiler. The induced draft fan is used to draw the air and is generally installed at the end of the boiler to discharge the flue gas.